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About Our Firm

At Ease Law is a client-centered, results-driven law firm in aimed at helping people in Las Vegas, Nevada and Mohave county, Arizona, deal with stressful legal situations while simultaneously making our clients feel at ease. We recognize that every case is different, and we focus on an individualized, results-oriented case plan. We treat our clients with respect. We maintain the confidences of our clients and make sure that they feel heard and understood.

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We represent clients in various areas of the law, but our focus is criminal defense and family law matters. We understand that these areas of the law are extremely stressful because many cases get to a trial where a judge or jury is making decisions that drastically affect people’s lives and are also extremely intimate and personal.

We are aggressive when we need to be and compassionate when it counts, and we are always striving to achieve your case goals. Get advice from someone with the experience, background and passion that gets results. Call 702-602-5004 today or schedule your consultation online. Let us help put you at ease.

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