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Divorcing an Emotionally Unstable Spouse

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2022 | Firm News

Divorces are hard. Dealing with an unstable spouse can make the process that much harder, especially if it becomes complicated by safety concerns or unreasonable demands. To help you as you navigate your divorce from an emotionally volatile or unstable spouse, here are some tips.

Hire a Divorce Attorney

Once you’ve decided on a divorce, you need an experienced attorney to help handle matters.

Attorney Melissa Barry will explain the various legal issues involved, such as how to file the necessary papers and what happens if your spouse contests the divorce. She can also help facilitate calm discussions between you and your spouse. This is crucial if your spouse is emotionally volatile.

Prioritize Your Safety

Avoid arguing with an unstable spouse. Instead, turn to your friends and family to talk your feelings over. They can help you stay calm if your spouse is prone to outbursts or they’re being unreasonable.

If you’re concerned about your family’s physical safety, contact your attorney as soon as you can.

Consider Child Custody and Support Issues

If your spouse is emotionally unstable, you might be worried about their fitness for child custody. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your attorney. She’ll explain how child custody works, how to negotiate alimony or spousal support, and what arrangements may be reasonable based on your circumstances.

Reassure Your Children

Divorce is confusing for children, so talk with them about what’s happening and answer any questions they might have at an age-appropriate level.

Avoid running your partner down, as this can be stressful for children. Most importantly, remind your children that they did nothing wrong, and that they’re still loved by both parents.

Start the Divorce Process

Divorce can be especially challenging when you’re dealing with an emotionally unstable spouse. Remember: you deserve happiness, your mental health matters, and it’s okay to let go of a relationship if it’s not working anymore.

Attorney Melissa Barry wants to make these tough times easier on you and your whole family. Call At Ease Law now at 702-602-5004 or send a message to schedule a meeting regarding your divorce.