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I’ve Been Arrested in Vegas: What If I Can’t Remember What Happened?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Firm News

Being arrested usually comes as a shock, especially if you’ve never been in trouble with the law before. What’s even more stressful, though, is being arrested for a crime you don’t remember committing.

If you’re arrested after a night out in Vegas, here’s what might happen if you don’t recall the incident that led to the arrest.   

Is Memory Loss a Defense?

Unfortunately, being unable to remember committing a crime doesn’t get you off the hook for it. Your state of mind at the time of the incident is what matters: if your illegal actions were intentional at the time, you’re responsible for them even if you can’t recall them later.

Much will depend on the evidence against you, which is why it’s so important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney the moment you’re arrested. Your attorney will help you avoid pitfalls such as accidental remarks that could be used against you later in court.

What Evidence Against Me Is Required?

Under the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 175.191, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you committed a crime. This means you are presumed innocent until the prosecution proves otherwise.

  • The evidence required for a guilty verdict may vary depending on the specific crime you allegedly committed.
  • If there’s little to no evidence against you, the prosecutor’s case will be weak and you’ll likely be acquitted.

Your lawyer can explain how to proceed based on the unique facts of your case.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

A criminal defense attorney will help you understand why you’ve been arrested. If you can’t recall the events in question, an attorney will consider the evidence against you and explain what defenses may be available.

Attorney Melissa Barry has experience in both prosecuting and defending criminal cases. She knows how to identify possible weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, and she can anticipate what strategies they’ll attempt to use against you.

No matter what’s happened, you deserve the best possible defense. Call At Ease Law now at (702)-602-5004 or leave us a message online.