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Month: May 2022

Divorce: Is Mediation Less Stressful Than Litigation?

Divorce is always a difficult experience. Not only are you dealing with strong emotions, but you also need to resolve legal issues with your spouse, such as how to split assets. Which is the least stressful way forward, though: divorce mediation or litigation? Let’s...

Can a Keto Diet Lead to a DUI in Nevada?

Sure, dieting can help you lose weight. But did you know the ketogenic diet can cause false positives on breathalyzers? Here’s why eating keto can sometimes trigger a false positive breath test and how you might defend the resulting DUI charges. What Is the Keto Diet?...

Is It Always a Good Idea to Avoid Probate?

When someone dies, their affairs must be finalized properly. The legal method for managing someone’s estate (e.g., their money, property, and debts) when they die is known as probate. Typically, people want to avoid probate because it can be a time-consuming process....

Dealing With the Physical Stress of Being Arrested

For most people, being arrested is a frightening and even traumatic experience that can negatively impact their health. Here’s a look at how an arrest can affect you physically and emotionally. How an Arrest Affects You Physically Since you’re probably feeling...