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Divorce: Is Mediation Less Stressful Than Litigation?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Firm News

Divorce is always a difficult experience. Not only are you dealing with strong emotions, but you also need to resolve legal issues with your spouse, such as how to split assets. Which is the least stressful way forward, though: divorce mediation or litigation? Let’s consider both options.

Divorce Mediation

During mediation, a trained mediator holds a meeting with both parties (and their divorce attorneys, if instructed). The mediator won’t make any decisions for either party, but they facilitate discussions to help them reach a fair compromise.

If both parties participate with an open mind, mediation can be less combative – and less stressful – than litigation.

Divorce Litigation

A litigated divorce means filing a complaint with the court. A judge will consider the legal issues involved and decide the outcome of the divorce.

Divorce litigation can take many months to resolve, but some couples find it less stressful than mediation.

  • Litigation can help when one party is being unreasonable or abusive in some way.
  • The formal court process offers a degree of certainty during a difficult time.
  • Litigation encourages both parties to focus their minds on resolving the issues at hand, ideally before the trial date.

Which Is Less Stressful: Mediation or Litigation?

For many couples, mediation is cheaper, faster, and less emotionally draining than a litigated divorce. However, if you’re dealing with a difficult or abusive spouse, or your spouse won’t agree to mediation, then litigation might be more suitable.

Your divorce attorney can explain the pros and cons of either approach and help you choose the best way forward for your family.

Take the Stress Out of Divorce With At Ease Law

Attorney Barry understands how challenging this time is for you, emotionally and mentally. As your divorce attorney, Ms. Barry will help you understand your legal rights, and she’ll advocate for your best interests throughout the proceedings, whether this means negotiating an agreement or representing you in court.

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