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Can I Have My Criminal Conviction Expunged in Nevada?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Firm News

While the state of Nevada does not technically expunge criminal convictions, it does seal such records—but only under certain conditions. You can speak with an attorney from At Ease Law about whether your circumstances meet the conditions to seal a past criminal conviction.

What Does It Mean to “Seal” a Criminal Record in Nevada?

As Nevada State Police explains, “sealing” a criminal conviction is “a procedure whereby a record is physically removed from a record system, and its dissemination is substantially or altogether restricted.”

If your request to seal a criminal conviction succeeds, then most parties may be unable to view your criminal conviction. This can be extremely helpful, especially if those who might otherwise see your past conviction include:

  • An employer considering you for a dream role
  • A romantic partner who would not look favorably upon a past criminal conviction
  • Anyone else that you would prefer to disclose your past missteps to on your own time, if at all

We all make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes result in a criminal conviction. At Ease Law may be able to help you seal any criminal convictions that are currently public record, helping you gain freedom from any errors you’ve made in the past.

Conditions for Sealing a Criminal Conviction in Nevada

There are conditions that you must meet to have your criminal conviction sealed in Nevada. For one, you may have to fulfill a waiting period before petitioning the appropriate court to seal your record.

For misdemeanors, you must generally wait one year from the end of your sentence, though certain misdemeanors may require a two-year waiting period. Yet other misdemeanors, such as misdemeanor DUI, may have a seven-year waiting period before sealing becomes a possibility.

If you have a felony on your record, waiting periods to petition for sealing generally include:

  • For Category E felonies: Two years after completing your sentence
  • For Category B, C, and D felonies: Five years after completing your sentence
  • For Category A felonies: Ten years after completing your sentence

Certain criminal convictions in Nevada are not eligible to be sealed, though the law is constantly changing. These waiting periods can be nuanced and confusing, and our team can explain specific sealing requirements for your conviction.

Contact At Ease Law Today About Sealing Your Record and Moving Forward with Your Life

Sealing a criminal conviction can unlock opportunities in your life that, until now, have been beyond your reach. At Ease Law can review your case and explain whether your criminal record is eligible to be sealed. If you’re eligible, we can lead your petition for you.

Call At Ease Law today at 702-602-5004 for a consultation. Let us lighten your load by fighting to seal your criminal conviction in Nevada.