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What Are Your Rights if You’re Arrested in Nevada?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Firm News

Being arrested can be shocking and overwhelming, especially when it all happens so quickly. However, you have certain legal rights and protections, so let’s break them down.

Right to Remain Silent

The moment you are in custody – meaning you’re not free to leave – police should read your “Miranda Rights.” These rights protect individuals from self-incrimination, so the moment you are arrested, you have the right to stay silent.

If police officers don’t read your Miranda Rights following your arrest, you can still declare that you wish to remain silent.

Right to an Attorney

You’re entitled to seek an attorney’s help before answering any questions. So, once you’re arrested, tell officers you want to speak with a criminal defense attorney, because they must give you the chance to contact a lawyer for representation.

Right to Call Someone

The Nevada Revised Statutes provide every defendant with the right to call an attorney and another person, such as a bail agent, within three hours of their arrest. The only exception to this rule is when it’s physically impossible to make a call within this timeframe, but in most cases, the rule applies.

Right to Know the Charge(s) Against You

You have the right to a “speedy” trial, meaning your case should not go on longer than necessary. As such, you have the right to know the charge(s) you’re facing as soon as possible so you can properly prepare your defense. Your attorney will ensure you understand what the charges mean, and they’ll explain what defenses may be available to you in the circumstances.

Right to Plead Not Guilty

Even if you’re made to feel that the evidence against you is overwhelming, you always have the right to plead “not guilty” to any or all charges. Remember, you are presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and your attorney can explain your best options once they’ve evaluated the case against you.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Nevada

If you’ve been arrested in Nevada, retaining a lawyer immediately can make the process less stressful. As an experienced NV criminal defense attorney, Attorney Barry can offer effective representation – call At Ease Law at 702-602-5004 or reach us online to discuss your case.