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Married to a Narcissist and Planning to Divorce? Here’s How to Prepare Yourself

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Firm News

The narcissist’s inability to accept responsibility for marital problems can cause the demise of a marriage. A narcissist always has a reason why marital issues are your fault, and this one-sided narrative quickly takes a toll on the non-narcissistic spouse. Narcissists can do no wrong—just ask them.

Unfortunately, this toxic attitude will almost certainly bleed into divorce proceedings. Those “nightmare divorces” you’ve heard about? A disproportionate number of them involve narcissistic divorcees.

If you plan to divorce a narcissistic spouse, you’ll want a competent attorney on your side. Your lawyer will work to protect you from challenges likely to arise during divorce proceedings, including:

The Blame Game

A narcissistic spouse may take the very same approach to culpability as they did during your marriage. You can reasonably expect that, in the opinion of your narcissistic ex, the divorce will be all your fault.

Painting you as the sole cause of the divorce, your ex-spouse may get nasty, attempt to mitigate their financial responsibility to you, and make the divorce process as difficult as possible.

The Children Taking the Backseat

A narcissist always comes first, even when they have children to consider. If your divorce proceedings involve child custody, alimony, and other issues specific to your kids, do not expect your ex-spouse to make reasonable concessions for the children’s sake.

A narcissistic divorcee may think nothing of making a child’s life harder, financially or otherwise, if the hardship suits their own emotional needs.

A Tooth-and-Nail Fight Over Every Asset

Mayo Clinic explains that narcissists feel anger at even the smallest slight. Your ex may perceive divorce papers as a major slight and retaliate in several nasty ways—even by trying to deprive you of assets you’re rightfully entitled to.

Hire At Ease Law to Help You Divorce a Narcissistic Spouse

When you unwittingly marry a narcissist, it’s typically in your interest to run for the hills. Divorce proceedings may not be easy, but the At Ease Law team will work to insulate you from the vindictive actions of an ex-spouse. As importantly, we’ll work to get the financial support, assets, custody agreements, and other entitlements you deserve.

Call At Ease Law today at 702-602-5004 or contact us online to start the divorce process.