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Should You Get Divorced If a Relationship Falls Short of Expectations? That Depends…

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Firm News

Our team sees many divorce cases where a split is inevitable. Infidelity, physical abuse, emotional and psychological mistreatment, and fundamental differences of character and values often lead spouses to call it quits. But what if a marriage is just ho-hum, uninspiring, bland, or not what you hoped it would be? Should you get divorced?

Before you choose to file the divorce papers, you should consider the following:

  1. Are the Broken Features of Your Relationship Fixable?

A study from ScienceDaily found that spouses who are bored seven years into their marriage will be even more dissatisfied at the 16-year mark. Boredom may be just as destructive to a marriage as conflict, but the question remains: Is boredom or other problems that have caused marital disappointment fixable?

Carefully consider whether you believe your spouse’s shortcomings are within their control. If there is a chance that your spouse might become more engaged, spontaneous, or otherwise reflective of the partner you want, then it may be worth giving them a longer window for change.

  1. Have You Had an Honest, Potentially Painful, Discussion with Your Spouse

Some spouses tend to stew in silence, gritting their teeth or rolling their eyes as their partner slips further into apathy, routine, and other behaviors that sap the passion from a marriage. If you haven’t already, put your husband or wife on notice: You’re not happy, and the situation has to change.

You do not have to frame the discussion as if your partner is responsible for your marital disappointments. The reality is that both parties often share blame for the cracks in the marital foundation, and it takes two to patch the fissures.

Yet, according to the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, couples wait an average of nearly three years to seek counseling for marital problems. You got married for a reason, and you owe it to your partner and any children you share to try your darndest to fix things. Without an honest discussion of the problems that have been bothering you, there can be no resolution or hope for change.

  1. If You Decide to Get Divorced, Hire At Ease Law to Guide You Through

Divorce proceedings have a reputation for being exceedingly difficult. Our team seeks to make the process as painless as possible. Call At Ease Law today at 702-602-5004 or contact us online to start the divorce process.