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The Worst Thing Criminal Defendants in Nevada Can Do: Lie to Their Defense Attorney

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | Firm News

Thou shalt not lie! We all know that’s not just good advice—it’s a mandate enshrined in one of the ten commandments!

Humans have been lying since we discovered speech. And aside from the little white lies, “oh, that looks great on you,” lying can cause great damage and misery. Nowhere is this more evident than when a defendant lies to their criminal defense attorney.

If you think lying to your attorney seems like a good idea, it isn’t—don’t do it!

Consequences of Lying to Your Nevada Criminal Defense Attorney

When someone drives drunk, gets involved in a physical altercation, or engages in another illegal behavior, they generally feel shame. The person who has made a mistake may not want to admit their lapse in judgment, especially not to someone they’re relatively unfamiliar with, like a lawyer.

Yet, you must realize that a criminal defense attorney can only help you if they know the full truth. By lying, you introduce the risk that:

  • Your lawyer will make a case for your innocence and possibly proceed to trial when in fact, they should have sought a plea bargain
  • You will be caught in the lie, as evidence and witness testimony may contradict your version of events
  • You will make your attorney appear dishonest in front of the court
  • Your attorney will lose trust in you and refuse to represent you once the lie is exposed
  • You will face steeper legal consequences than you would have if only you had told the truth

An effective defense requires that your lawyer knows the facts. When you lie, you obscure the true story and prevent your lawyer from defending you to the best of their ability.

Your Lawyer Will Keep Your Words Confidential, No Matter What You Tell Them

Your criminal defense lawyer will not tell the judge or prosecutor that you have admitted to committing a crime. Even if an attorney was inclined to deceive you, they are bound by attorney-client privilege to protect any confessions you make to them.

Hire a competent attorney and tell them the whole truth. This is the only acceptable play for someone facing criminal charges in Nevada.

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